Are you busier than ever before – and struggle to stay healthy and in shape?

Learn the “48 hour method” to increase
your fat burning for up to 48 hours after exercising!

Children. Career. Commuting to work. Life can be demanding.

And regardless of how you feel about it, you are getting older.

Some signs of aging might have manifested themselves already. Ankles and knees are cracking a bit more, your body is stiff when you wake up, or you go to the doctor and the pharmacy more often.

You might even have realized that your parents won’t be around forever.

In short. This is real life.

Women and men are often struggling with similar problems. One problem is that our hormones are changes as well as our metabolism. This in turn results in other problems.

Many women also have the additional stress of making sure everyone in the family is healthy and happy, while they have to manage most things themselves. No wonder so many women want help reducing their stress both at home and at work.

Many people say they consume too much alcohol or sugar too often as a “temporary escape”.

We eat to subdue our emotions. It is common to subconsciously, when stressed or worried, try to get rid of emotions by putting something in our mouth. It’s often the awkward, passive and helpless emotions that evoke this hunger: disappointment, stress, feelings of inferiority.

And since you are busier and more stressed than ever…

… you might not be completely satisfied
with how you look and feel?

Surveys show that about 90% of all women asked, wished they were happier with their bodies and what they choose to do every day. They want to eat healthier and exercise, but too often they:

Struggle finding the time

Are unsure of what to do

Do not transform the knowledge they have into action – regularly

And who can blame them? Here are just a few things they struggle with:

  • “I have too much on my plate”
  • “With these injuries…”
  • “With my kids’ schedules…”
  • “With everything going on at work now…”
  • “With my stomach problems…”
  • “With these hormonal changes…”
  • “As much as I’m traveling…”
  • “With my bad knees…”

We humans are pretty predictable. We often believe we’ll get better results if we just learn a bit more, or if we just read a few more blogs, magazines, follow more experts or listen to a few more pod casts.

Unfortunately, more knowledge is not enough for most of us.

Because when we are too busy and stressed,
it’s the good ideas we get rid of first.

Stay on track?

Most of us know we need someone to monitor and follow-up on us to make sure we stay on the right track. But the majority of us do not have a person or a program that holds us responsible.

Have someone in your corner?

In short, you take care of everyone else and nothing else. But when it comes to exercise, health and diet, you have no one in your corner to help you succeed.

Make better decisions?

What we really need is a clear and effective diet plan to follow, and learn how to make better decisions regularly for longer periods of time. 

Follow a proven program or try by yourself? The choice is yours.

Our diet and exercise program is not for everyone. But if it fits you, then it can be a life changer, just like it’s been for +3 000 of our clients and many others who are using this program.

Meet Nicolas Fiori:
Sweden’s favourite trainer.

Nico has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and in that time has trained everyone from professional athletes to basket teams.

Nico have published articles in various journals and magazines. But he have also discovered that many wants more structured and personal guidance than what an article can provide. 

That’s why he created the program: Maximize Your Fat Burning – customised diet & exercise programs, used by over 3,100 individuals.

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