• Learn how to burn calories up to
    48 hours after exercising?


    Thousands of women are wasting their time on various diets, counting calories,
    eating “pretend food” and feeling like failures when nothing works.

Did you know you can exercise in such a way that your fat burning is maximised and your resting metabolic rate is increased for up to 48 hours after exercising?

With that being said, I’m sure you already understand that it doesn’t happen by constantly working on the cross trainer, treadmill or exercise bike.

That exercise has almost no positive effect on your metabolism. Sure, you’ll burn calories while you’re exercising at low intensity, but you will never get the hormonal effect needed to maximize your fat burning and achieving fast results.

The time you spend exercising is only 4% of your day if you exercise for one hour. Not a whole lot will happen during the remaining 96% of the day unless you increase your resting metabolic rate. Your body must be optimized for fat burning around the clock if you want visible and fast results.

Read on for the answers to how you too can succeed (regardless of whether or not you’re a beginner or seasoned exercise enthusiast) here on this page.

3 fat burning factors you must know about

Read about the 3 factors that maximize your fat burning and help you get back into your favourite jeans, dress or suit, faster than ever.

#1 – Strategic Thinking

Very few have a thought out strategy for their diet and exercise. What’s worse is that most people don’t even know what a strategy is. A few examples of this may be:

You’re not a “weight loss pro” just because you lost 5kg [10 lbs.] on a diet?

Think again. Almost everyone have the weight come back shortly after they are done with their diet. In most cases their muscle mass has been reduced a lot and the end results is a reduced resting metabolic rate (muscles requires more energy) and higher fat percentage with a similar total weight as before the diet.

Do you believe all diet and exercise programs are designed in a similar way?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all training and diet approaches are about the same. Strategically thinking individuals will instead say “develop a customized approach that fits the conditions of your unique body and your situation”.

#2 – Systematic Follow-Up

Every person’s dream is to reach their full potential and live life “fully”.

These are some of the goals the majority of the people I work with have. But if you’re running around like a chicken with its head cutoff between various diets, exercise programs or constantly on the lookout for the next “magic pill”, do you really think it is possible to achieve such goals?

You need a system to:

• Get your current status (starting point for the next)

• Find out when, how and how much you need to exercise for the best result

• Find out when, how and how much you need to eat for the best result

• Know your body type and find out exactly what your unique daily intake of protein, fat and carbohydrate should be for the best result

• Know how you keep the fat burning going long after your workouts

• Know how to stay on track during the first crucial weeks

And not just this, but these systems have to be automated (or at least to a great extent). That way you don’t have to worry about what you should be doing today or tomorrow.

#3 – Increase Your Resting Metabolic Rate

Studies ¹) ²) have shown that there are 2 ways to exercise. There is a certain type of strength training and intervals what can increase your fat burning for up to 48 hours after exercising – that’s two full days! That’s why we sometimes refer to it as the “48 hour method” or the afterburn effect.

Do you realize how much more fat you can burn with this type of exercise?

Here is an article from Expressen where Paulo Roberto is interviewed about high intensity exercise: (click here to read the article – it will open in a new window)

If I’m significantly overweight and older, can I still use the ‘fat burning factors’?

It doesn’t matter how much fat you have or how much you want to lose. This is a weight reduction program where you learn to adjust your diet and exercise after your needs and circumstances. A strategically customized diet and exercise program will make your reach your goal faster. Simply increased fat burning and faster weight loss.

What do you think will happen if you also start using these strategies for your exercise?

Let me start out by telling you that I am not a mind reader.

The results I will share with you are both from my own clients as well as clients from my new Online Program.

Since I don’t know you, I don’t know what results you would get from your exercise.

But, I have helped hundreds of individuals to collectively burn off thousands of kilos of fat over the years. My job is literally to help people get in their absolute best shape as fast and effectively as possible. And I like to believe I do a very good job of it.

That’s why I created the online training and diet program “Maximize Your Fat Burning”.

Here are a few things you’ll get
with the new program:

Strategically selected exercise programs

Our carefully selected programs contains exercises that maximizes your resting metabolic rate long after your workout. They are short and effective.

Customized for you

The program is customized for you and our exercise programs work regardless of where you are today. Your body type determines what works best for your circumstances.

The right diet approach

With the right diet we mean how we combine carbohydrates, protein and fats. In order to stimulate the hormones in your body that increase fat burning. This is one of the cornerstones of the program.

More energy & time

With our exercise programs you will be done with your exercise before most people have even gotten to the gym. You’ll have more time and energy left over for other things in life instead.

Module 1 – Kick-Start

In this introductory module we’ll cover the basics and the concept the whole program is based on.

Among other things, you’ll learn principles and strategies for effective fat burning and weight loss, but also how to calculate your energy consumption and determine your body type.

That way you’ll find out exactly the level YOU need to be at in order to maximize your fat burning the whole day.

Module 2 – Diet Manual

In this module you’ll get important guidelines for diet along with lots of tips and strategies for success. Among other things, you’ll learn which carbohydrates, fats and proteins are the best for fat burning.

Here you can choose between THREE different diet plans or three different ‘paths’ to go through the program depending how you are as a person and your circumstances.

Module 3 – Exercise Manual

In this module we cover the concept of exercising so your resting metabolic rate increase between your workouts. In this module you’ll find out how it is all connected and we talk, among other things, about Density Training.

The science behind exercise without boring you

Understanding why the exercise programs are so effective and how they make you maximize your fat burning

How you increase your resting metabolic rate for 48 hours

With this knowledge you will be able to categorize and filter out exercises that are waste of your time.

Module 3.1 – The exercise Programs

In this module you’ll find the different exercise programs. Here you choose a program based on how much you have exercised before. You’ll find the explanations and descriptions of the exercises in your program in Module 3.3 (The exercise bank).

UPDATE 2016 – New exercise programs for the gym

21 home exercise programs with special focus on increased metabolic rate long after the workout

You get strength programs from building up and beginner, to medium intensity and advanced

Endurance programs from beginner to advanced

Exercise programs for you who enjoy the outdoors

Nothing is left to chance

3.2 The exercise bank

Once you have chosen an exercise program you’ll just go here and look up the exercises that are part of your program.

In the exercise bank you’ll find pictures and detailed descriptions of how all exercises are performed

  Important tips (what most people miss) so you get the most out of every exercise.

You will lose weight faster using this program than if you run on a treadmill for an hour every day.

You and your friends will notice the difference as early as after the first week. This is the fastest and safest method known to researchers. If you find another method that helps you get your dream body faster, we’ll buy it from you…

The program is specially designed to make you burn fat effectively around the clock; this is not a program that only fills your head with an obfuscated theory and big ideas.

Let me be very clear.

There is NO fluff or a lot of information padding.

I’m not the type of person who talks for 2 hours to give you one little nugget of usable information. I don’t even know how to teach that way.

Instead, this online class is specially developed to solve problems.

I teach real, concrete strategies I personally use every day with my clients who pay me well for it.

If you have worked with me before or bought one of my programs, you know I’m a big fan of over delivering. That’s why I have added several bonus products to give you even more value and the opportunity to achieve even faster results.


You also get these added bonuses
for FREE with your purchase

You get them completely free when you make your purchase today.

BONUS: Manage your hunger & cravings
BONUS: Dietary supplements module

Interval program

BONUS: 14 days email coaching with Nico for FREE

Diet diary & Exercise diary

BONUS: Tools for calculating your energy consumption & much more

“Test drive” the whole program for 30 days,
before you make up your mind!

Listen, I have no interest in taking your money unless you can benefit from the program. These strategies and exercise programs work. The only way they wouldn’t work would be if you weren’t putting in the required work.

Since I’m so sure you will be satisfied with the program, I am able to give you a very generous warranty.

Take 30 days to determine if this is right for you!

I will not force you to make a decision. That’s why I’m willing to let you test drive “Maximize Your Fat Burning” for a full 30 days before you decide if it is right for you. Go through the whole class. Use the programs. Apply them to your exercise and use them in your everyday life.

You make the investment today, but unless you are completely satisfied with your results, all you have to do is send me a quick email and I usually have your investment refunded within 24-48 hours. This makes it completely risk free for you. You can get a refund for any reason.  You have 30 days to make that decision.

The program is specially designed to make you burn fat effectively around the clock; this is not a program that only fills your head with an obfuscated theory and big ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program “Maximize Your Fat Burning”?

Shortly, Maximize Your Fat Burning is a 6 months fat burning program where you learn how to eat and exercise to burn fat in a more effective way than you have ever done before.

You learn how to customize your diet based on your body type for a safe and healthy weight loss. You also learn how to exercise effectively so you save time and have a higher fat burning rate than 95% of everyone else who are trying to lose weight. The best of all is that you can follow all the exercise programs in your own home, no expensive gym membership needed!

What do I do after the program?

After 6 months you can still continue to follow the program since you have learned to customize your diet based on your body’s response. And you have exercise programs providing you with a high fat burning rate throughout the day.

Will I have to starve myself?

No. You will learn how to eat, exercise and lose fat in an easy and safe way. Most people I’ve used this program with have said they actually feel better and fuller than before.

Best of all is that you even get a cheat day when you can eat all your favorite food. Everything is planned in a strategic way so you still lose weight and feel better than before.

Can I as a beginner still use the program?

Maximize Your Fat Burning works for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, old or young. The diet is customized based on your body type and the exercise programs are designed so there is a buildup phase for those of you who has never exercised before.

You can start with the beginner’s program and work your way up to medium and advanced level over a time period of 6 months. There are no excuses!

I want to start right away. Do I have to wait for the products to arrive?

No. This is a digital product and you’ll have the whole program available for download right after you pay. No waiting time and no delivery fees!

Will I lose weight fast only to put it back on fast?

No, not as long as you continue to follow the program. In Maximize Your Fat Burning you will learn how to eat based on your body type, which means that not only will you lose weight, but you will also feel better than ever since your diet is finally customized to your needs and circumstances.

If I’m significantly overweight, can I still use the program?

It doesn’t matter how much fat you have or how much you want to lose. This is a weight reduction program where you learn to adjust your diet and exercise after your needs and circumstances. The program will make your reach your goal faster. Increased fat burning and faster weight loss.

I’m not 20 or 30 any longer, does the program work for us older folks too?

Yes, absolutely! I have many clients in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who have gotten amazing results using this system! The program is designed so you will get results regardless of how old you are.

Does this program work for both men and women?

Absolutely! Maximize Your Fat Burning works for everybody regardless of age and gender.

What if the program isn’t working for me?

Then it is completely FREE! If you followed Maximize Your Fat Burning and haven’t lost one single kilo during the first 30 days, contact us and we’ll send you your money back.

I stand behind this product to 100%. All you have to do is give me a chance to prove how great “Maximize Your Fat Burning” is.

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